Liverpool Waterfront Apartments

  • Returns assured at 7%
  • Only £54,000 Required
  • Premium Onsite Facilities

Only £54,000 Required
Units are priced from £139,950, but investors need only a minimum of £54,000 cash to invest in this rare real estate opportunity. This is due to an amazing payment structure agreed exclusively with the developer of the property.

Rental Income from £9,797
With returns assured at 7% NET, investors will receive a minimum NET rental income of £9,797 on these luxury buy-to-let apartments. Returns are assured up to £17,847 on some of the 2-bedroom units.

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£190 Million Regeneration Zone
As well as being located on Liverpool Waterfront, this development is situated in the Baltic Triangle regeneration zone of the city centre where over £128 million of investment has already been completed and £62 million is ongoing.

Completes in 2022
Already under construction and completing early in 2022, this is an investment with a fast turnaround time so you can start earning rental income next year, whilst seeing significant capital growth during the rest of the construction phase.

Premium Onsite Facilities
Offering residents access to two communal roof terraces, there is also a gym, work from home spaces, reception and concierge, an exclusive tenant app and even admission to the pool and spa of a neighbouring development.

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